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Asoftis Burning Studio

  • Supports all media types including Blu-ray, M-Disc, RW, DL, etc.
  • Uses an internal driver for burning and allows you to burn even in a corrupted system
  • Burns, makes copies, rewrites and appends all types of media
  • Supports all writing method (TAO, DAO, DAO96, etc.)


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 Video demonstrations on how to install the app on your computer and how to work with it. Everything is easy, just try it!


Asoftis Burning Studio - Installation

Sample video how to download and install Asoftis Burning Studio on your computer.


Asoftis Burning Studio - How burn data disc

An example of how to burn a data CD, DVD, DL or BluRay from your computer.

Asoftis Burning Studio - How to burn Audio CD

An example of how to burn Audio CDs from your computer using mp3 or wav files...

Asoftis Burning Studio - Burn ISO file to CD or DVD

Do you need to burn ISO images on a CD or DVD? There is no problem opening the ISO file and burning it straight to the media.

Asoftis Burning Studio - Burn DVD files

Burn VIDEO_TS folder, or .vob, .ifo, .bup file to play on DVD player.

Asoftis Burning Studio - Uninstall application

Removing an application from your computer is easy.




Asoftis Burning Studio

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